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Salone del Mobile 2022

Stands and events     |     City: Milan, Italy    |     Designed by: JMFerrero - estudi{H}ac

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, Kriskadecor presents a new stand concept on a very significant year: the 60th anniversary of Salone del Mobile. The 45 m2 space designed by estudi{H}ac-jmferrero shows a brilliant application of aluminium chain links, transforming them into an original project where creativity and imagination turn into art.

The concept created by the Valencian atelier revolves around the search for architectural textures and volumes. The creation of a unique weft, inspired by herringbone textiles, becomes a complete covering of individual curtains that gradually gain length, producing a light architectural volume in the space.

A look from the inside to the outside

The materiality of the stand is based on a cold colour palette represented by cement (alluding to the exterior spaces) and warm woods (referencing the interior spaces). This dual space includes an entrance area composed of chain links in light and natural tones that gradually intermingle with green shades, reaching a natural balcony represented by a large wall curtain that illustrates a lush green forest.

The soul of any project developed with Kriskadecor is building spaces from a simple aluminium link that becomes a unique architectural decorative element.

Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Marcela Grassi