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Kley student residence

Public spaces     |     City: Montpellier, France    |     Designed by: Archikubik

The Kley Student Residence is part of Montpellier's new Port Marianne district and has a surface area of 6300 square meters, 1000 in common areas and 251 rooms.

The new building features Kriskadecor aluminum cladding, a double skin inspired by sea anemones, which develop a symbiosis with other organisms with which they live in direct contact, mutually benefiting each other.

Kriskadecor's outer skin is composed of two fundamental elements: a customizable metallic surface made of aluminum chains and an in-house fixing system: KDC Thin System. This solution makes it possible to cover large spaces, as well as allowing the reproduction of images or patterns.

Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Marcela Grassi