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Spike Island Exhibition

    |     City: Bristol, UK    |     Designed by: Giles Round

In 2017, at Spike Island, Bristol's international art and contemporary design development center, artist Giles Round presented "They bow. Curtain. No applause", exhibition that included an anodized aluminum chain curtain of 13 x 10 feet that represents a building facade in 3 dimensions.

With the intention of approaching the relationship between art, design and functionality, Round adopts a pop aesthetic where the artificial and the natural are involved in a "play of illusion", granting an unusual visibility to the functional elements that form the base of the exhibition.

Both the metal mesh of Kriskadecor and the rest of the elements are held by a system of pulleys and change their position from night to morning according to the needs of the guests to use the space to rehearse.

Solutions that are offered to the customer: