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Boho-Bling, new design for Kriskadecor by Miguel Herranz

Published on 15-12-2016     |     Nouvelles et communiqués

Boho-Bling, as its name implies, brings the Boho aesthetic to metallic chains. The result is an evocative and sensual piece that plays on the visual impact of multi-layered chains. Not only do the intertwined chains form bright and colorful compositions, they also swing freely to create harmonic and sensual movement that recalls a bling-bling sound. Bells have been added to enhance this effect and to produce a Boho look.

This system can use up to 20 colors to make multi-color and monochromatic matte or glossy compositions. Boho-Bling is a decorative sculpture with an industrial/artisanal style that adds a bohemian atmosphere to a space, what I call “Industrial Handcraft through Design”.

The design is part of “The Ordered Chaos” line, a conceptual tool I use in some projects to develop formal richness, constructive simplicity and the serene chaos of nature. Ordered chaos generates sculptural, sensual, serene and unique pieces produced with mathematical simplicity.