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Weaving, a designer collection that pays tribute to textiles

Published on 31-05-2024     |     Nachrichten und Meldungen

In April, within the framework of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Kriskadecor unveiled the new Weaving collection. Developed by the renowned designer José Manuel Ferrero, founder, and creative director of estudi{H}ac, it falls under the brand's designer collections.

Weaving is a collection that finds its starting point in the captivating world of textiles and their production methods. Comprising 14 patterns, each one synthesizes the various methods of interweaving threads to compose fabrics. A designer collection in which José Manuel Ferrero creates the different proposals by translating the graphic weave generated by each of these methods into a pixel system. Thus, Weaving encapsulates the technique of weaving brought to the renowned links used to create the spectacular and creative metal curtains.


The designer, a great enthusiast and connoisseur of tailoring and the textile world, translates several traditional patterns into elegant and creative graphic proposals that, when applied to Kriskadecor curtains, create three-dimensional optical effects that interact with light, colour, and the finishes of the links. These proposals, in turn, allow for the combination of textures and colours to achieve extraordinary and unique results.

The Weaving collection consists of the Herringbone, Denim, Satin, Basket, Chain, Mesh, Waffle, Plain, Rib, Spike, Cardigan, Paisley, Cable, and Crepe models. Additionally, the collection offers 28 possible colour combinations, as each of them allows for 2 compositions, featuring brighter and more saturated tones reminiscent of springtime, as well as softer and darker hues that evoke the autumnal period.