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Kriskadecor is more than an aluminum color-anodized link, it is a way to create unique spaces. Using our chain, it is possible to create surfaces, volumes, and objects. The world of creation is open to anyone.

Every project is unique, that is why we take a collaborative approach to every detail and strive to break boundaries in support of our clients’ ideas and needs. If it is possible, we will find a way!



From the smallest and most delicate to the most majestic and large aluminum chain projects, each one will be developed and taken care of from the very beginning to the end following our customers specifications.

Small projects

Large structures

Images & colors

Images & colors


We know a picture is worth a thousand words - and we have found the way to translate these emotions through our custom graphical architectural design solutions. We can reproduce any picture, pattern, graphic or corporate design. Utilizing our mosaic inspired approach every link act as a pixel.

It is also possible to use designs from our Print Collection's catalogue or just a solid color.

Print Collection's patterns

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Solid colors

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Shapes & Volumes

Shapes & Volumes


The limit is everyone’s’ imagination. By recreating 3d volumes and defining required shapes, we materialized the ideas in the most vivid way.


From the defined shape set on the project, we can develop a rail or structure that fits into the requirement


In order to define the surface, the chains can be straight, they can define a shaped form or they can even be fixed to the ceiling by both ends.


It is possible to develop 2D or 3D volumes with the desired density and chain’s distribution.