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Civico 29

Hôtels et restaurants     |     Ville: Sperlonga, Italie    |     Dessiné pour: Tana Design Studio

Civico 29 is a cocktail bar suspended between sea and sky in the heart of the Mediterranean. In the minimalist and evocative design, the indoor and outdoor come together in a poetic homage to the atmosphere of seaside towns such as Sperlonga, a coastal town dating back to Roman times, perched above a rocky spur facing out to sea along the Riviera di Ulisse on the Lazio coast (Italy).

Tana Design Studio has taken on the new interior design project, a gentle intervention in a landscape requiring respect, between white walls and the sea. The original choice of the coverings and furnishings magnifies the presence of the maritime landscape in the bar's interiors. For this reason, the walls are covered with an aluminium chain curtain made by Kriskadecor, which moves with gusts of wind and creates an elegant sound reminiscent of a coastal breeze.

The design reproduced is Gradient 1, one of the patterns defined by Luis Eslava and part of the Collection catalogue.

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