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Aldgate Tower

Offices     |     City: London, UK    |     Designed by: Basha-Franklin

Aldgate Tower is a London building dedicated to coworking with tenants as illustrious as Uber, Aecom and WeWork. Among the indications that the designers received, two stood out: creating a vibrant and attractive space for both renters and visitors and strengthening the identity of the building with a single central element which presides over the lobby and the rest area.

With that goal in mind, the Basha-Franklin firm chose to include a Kriskadecor ceiling solution comprised of 3 colour-graded cylinders with variable height. Together with the rest of the materials in grounding colours and natural light, they make the lowest floor a hospitable, welcoming, inclusive, and multifaceted place.

Thanks to the lightness of Kriskadecor's aluminium links, these structures are suspended in the air, reducing the distance between the ceiling and the ground, signposting the location of an alternative workspace and providing a touch of colour and liveliness that will delight the building users.

Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Philip Durrant