Local development

At Kriskadecor, we contribute actively to our region's social and cultural development. We are an important part of the local business community, and we participate in charitable initiatives, sponsor sports competitions and clubs, and promote festivals such as the Mediaeval Week in Montblanc.


We believe that spending time on training talented youths is one of the most important human capital investments our company can undertake. Therefore, we work with educational organisations to offer internships to students in vocational and university degree programmes.


Our commitment to the environment is based on investing resources and effort to minimize our impact:

· Recycled and circular design

Our chain links are made with 20% recycled aluminium. Additionally, at the end of their useful life, this material can be recycled indefinitely with no quality loss.

· Green energy

The company only consumes energy from renewable sources in its facilities, avoiding CO2 emissions and other polluting gases.

· Resource management

We reuse a significant amount of the water we consume within our various production processes.

· Sustainable shipping

We adjust the packaging to the actual size of the product to ensure transportation efficiency and reduce waste.