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Jacinto y Paz restaurant

Hotels and restaurants     |     City: San Angel, Mexico    |     Designed by: Arcelia Mac Gregor Espacio de Reparación (en colaboración con Verónica Servín)

Located in San Angel, Mexico City, the Jacinto y Paz gastronomic space shines for two reasons: its contemporary international haute cuisine and its interior design in which wood, natural and organic material predominates, enhancing the sensation of relaxation and tranquillity.

On the wall of one of the dining rooms we find one of our figurative solutions of the Essential Collection by Claire Davis in cold colours. Botti Black & White seeks its inspiration in the classics of the painter Sandro Botticelli, creating a piece for contemplation, permeating the interior of the premises with a sense of endurance and nobility.


Solutions that are offered to the customer: