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Karavaevi Cafe

Hotels and restaurants     |     City: Moscow, Rusia    |     Designed by: Marina Bagrova

Every place in the Karavaevi franchise is a world apart. None resemble the previous one, although they are always recognizable thanks to the retro and industrial touch that all the architects who work in its implementation give it.

The most recent is the one you can find in the city of Moscow, next to the Alekséyeyskaya metro station, located in the Alekséi district, which combines materials such as aluminium, laminate or teak wood in the same space.

To bring warmth to the different spaces of this gastronomic venue, Marina Bagrova opted for a set of volumes made with anodized aluminium links in brilliant apricot, a subtle and elegant colour that navigates between yellow and orange.

The eight decorative elements of Kriskadecor include six lamps with soft lines and two wavy ceiling solutions that also act as a point of light. The latter, consisting of 5 chain veils, in addition to embellishing the space they occupy and creating an intimate spot for the client to feel comfortable, reduce the distance between the ceiling and the high tables.

In fact, as it is an industrial commercial space, with heavy construction, the floating effect of all the elements, in addition to the light reflected in the chains, soften, and provide a more pleasant and balanced environment.

Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Denis Vasiliev