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Munich Store

Stores and shopping malls     |     City: Girona, Spain    |     Designed by: Studio Animal

Touring the Barri Vell of Girona we find one of the shops of the Munich franchise, a space with an exceptional monumental load since it houses part of the Roman wall of the city.

The interior design, carried out by Studio Animal, seeks to convey respect for local culture and traditions, putting them in value thanks to a golden coating that allows two elements so distant in time to be combined: the modernity of sports shoes with the age of the stone walls.

The design solution includes Kriska links in satin gold with Half-drop density, an intense option which generates a zigzag effect and provides greater opacity and visual impact. The volume is provided by a second angular layer that functions as a union between the two zones that divide the trade.

It is the third time that Javier Jiménez Iniesta, alma mater of the architecture studio, plays with Kriskadecor anodized aluminium links in stores of the same brand. The material is the same, but the results are always surprising.

Solutions that are offered to the customer: