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New: Feel Free system

Published on 31-05-2023     |     News and releases

Feel Free is an innovative self-supporting system designed by estudi{H}ac-JMFerrero that allows the installation of Kriskadecor chains in any area without the need for support or fixing. A minimal one-piece concept in its simplest version that opens possibilities for infinite compositions.

The concept of this new system arises from the need to continue innovating with Kriskadecor aluminium chains. For this reason, the Valencian atelier asked itself the following question: why condition the anchoring of the chains to a wall or ceiling?

Under this premise, Ferrero has created an ideal solution for flexible spaces as it is customisable in height, shape, and colour. In addition, it can include curtains in plain colours or more daring and abstract compositions, even reproducing logos and images in high definition with different finishes and colours.

With Feel Free, it is possible to create airy and luminous multidisciplinary spaces through light partitions that provide a sensation of spaciousness. It is an invitation to feel free and to compose new interior and exterior spaces: coworking areas, waiting rooms, urban terraces, gardens, etc.

The system

The core of Feel Free is an extendable vertical axis with a base with little visual impact that provides excellent stability to the whole structure. It is a very subtle technical element that supports the new Quad rail, which can be arranged in straight or curved lines.

An interchangeable top cap designed to join the rails together allows the creation of a whole system of unique spatial forms, achieving different modular compositions. As it is simple to install and easy to move, it evolves according to the project's needs. 

It is also available in 4 shades that go with any design and space, achieving a perfect match. 

As for sustainability, the system comprises a base and a steel mast that can be easily separated for subsequent recycling. Both the Quad profile and the chains are aluminium, a material with infinite recycling cycles without losing its original quality. In addition, our links include 20% recycled material, which contributes to reducing our carbon footprint.

Photo taken at Bernadí Hub, a space designed by Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro (MAJH) and Andrea Soto.