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Aparthotel Playasol Jabeque Soul

Hotels and restaurants     |     City: Ibiza, Spain    |     Designed by: Josep Maria Aixut Grau, AIXUT INTERIORISME

Located in Ibiza town, between Playa d'en Bossa and Figueretas, you can find the recently renovated Aparthotel Playasol Jabeque Soul, from where you can enjoy the impressive views of the Mediterranean and the characteristic Ibiza sunsets.

In relation to the concept “When the sun comes down”, the General Director, Antonio Domenech Lago, set out very clear premises: the skylight should include a sculptural lighting element that would give the rooms some privacy without losing perspective, in addition to reduce ground floor noise.

To achieve the desired effect, Aixut Interiorisme developed the idea that sunrays descend from the sides through 12 meters high chain link cascades, which were made in one whole piece thanks to the lightness of the material. To do this, 170 square meters of Kriskadecor aluminum chain in brilliant gold were required.

For their part, the lamps play the role of the stars that awaken at sunset and that, thanks to their sound-absorbing coating, mitigate the dispersion of noise. Finally, the sky sits on the ground thanks to the white gravel side flower beds.

Solutions that are offered to the customer: