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Archiproducts Milano façade

Public spaces     |     City: Milan, Italy    |     Designed by: Serena Confalonieri

Serena Confalonieri accepted the challenge of Archiproducts for two reasons: the importance of the project and the fact of working with anodized aluminum links. According to the designer, "metallic chains, apparently cold, reserve many possibilities at a decorative and expressive level".

To cover the facade of Archiproducts Milano (Via Tortona, 31), he created "Architypes", a kaleidoscopic image that speaks of the language used by architects and designers and inspired, both in the graphics and in the colors, in the typical characteristics of the Bauhaus, the Art Deco and the vibrant geometries of Gio Ponti.

The coating consists of hundreds of ultralight aluminum chains in colors that go back to the purity of the metal and that contrast with the totally black surface of the Oikos building.



Solutions that are offered to the customer:


Marcela Grassi