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Kriskadecor, from basic innovation to authentic disruption

Published on 03-08-2023     |     Innovation

Leaving the comfort zone and accelerating the level of innovation to move towards new business models. Generating, evolving, or implementing ideas that can change the reality of the company, the sector, or provoke the emergence of industries that we had not considered until now.

With the support of ACCIÓ, Kriskadecor has embarked on a project focused on experimenting with the interaction of light and the aluminum chain in order to achieve new knowledge and integrate them into the customer advisory and support process, one of the company's main added values.

The study is being carried out by Artec Studio, a company dedicated to designing social and artistic expressions of light to create revealing and immersive experiences that have a positive impact on people.

The importance of light

When including chains in a project, it is crucial to consider the lighting design, evaluate the light distribution, and consider the specific needs of the space in question, as aluminum is a reflective material that can significantly influence the result.

Among other things, the study will provide us with the necessary tools to recommend the type of lighting, the aperture of the light source, the color temperature, or the amount of light required to ensure a uniform distribution and appropriate intensity for the target area.

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