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Kriskadecor participates in Venice Biennale

Published on 28-06-2018     |     Fairs and events

Until November 25, you have the opportunity to visit the Architecture Biennale of Venice and, specifically, the pavilion of Spain (Becoming), where you can find the Come-In project, manufactured with our anodized aluminum links.

The project, designed by Ana Matos and Antonio Samaniego, is a temporary and ephemeral installation of 8 meters high. It has reproduced the hashtags that define the projects inside the pavilion. The words float thanks to the fact that the colors of the chain are integrated into the chromatic range of the surrounding garden.

The project offers an alternative way of leaving the pavilion, through the curtain. As Ana Matos herself says on her website, "Each step through the curtains is a step through typography, words and concept as the backbone of cultural transmission."