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The language of shapes

Published on 21-02-2022     |     Innovation

Architectural form is the point of contact between mass and space. Architectural forms, textures, materials, modulation of light and shadow, color, all combine to infuse quality or spirit into our space.

The quality of design and architecture is always determined by the mastery of the designer and how he uses and relates the different elements in his composition.

In art and design, form defines the formal structure of a project, how we arrange and coordinate the elements and their parts to produce a coherent image. In this sense, we work mainly on different visual aspects:

  • Contour, as the most representative characteristic of form, mainly specifies the configuration of the surface.
  • The size or dimensions of the work. Its height, width and depth define the proportions of the form in relation to other forms in space.
  • Color is the attribute by which we most distinguish a piece in its surroundings and influences its visual value, intensity, tone, hue, shade, etc.
  • Texture is a characteristic that affects both tactile perception and the reflection of light offered by shapes.

The smaller the piece with which we design our spaces, the more versatility we must combine these aspects. From our Kriska and Snina links, as small as an almond, large projects are born that combine size, color, and texture to give shape to the most ambitious contours, offering movement and flexibility.

In this way, appearance and form are always at the service of designers and architects who propose their concepts through freedom, expanding our world of straight, curved, and undulating shapes and allowing us to create geometric or organic volumes.

Suspended from the ceiling, wall, or any structure, we can create architectural solutions with waves, symmetrical structures, artistic figures, and totally personalized volumes. Our wide variety of colors allows maximum customization to reproduce patterns and images in high definition with total fidelity.

In short, at Kriskadecor, from our aluminum chains, we create our own "language of shapes" in homage to our admired Antoni Gaudí, who developed this revolutionary concept from a totally different angle.

Let's be different by creating new angles so that our shapes generate other unique languages.

Caption: Westfield Mall of the Netherlands by MVSA Architects. Photo: Andy Hendrata.