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Colors, tonalities and finishings

Published on 26-11-2018     |     News and releases

The core and soul of Kriskadecor are its colors. With more than 20 colors we offer architects and interior designers a rich palette to help them make their projects come true.

It is not only a wide number of colors, they are also available in 2 types of finishing: brilliant and satin. (If you want to check them you can find them here).

And now we introduce 3 new colors in both finishings:

Sand: an elegant color inspired by the shades and the lights of the desert 

Moss: a vibrant green that enlarges this tone selection

Cobalt: an electric and intense blue inspired by deep and lively sea waters

The reason to keep increasing our palette is because we feel passion for what we do: reproducing images, patterns, gradients or any other effect that our customers desire. By offering more colors and tones we achieve a higher definition and wider creative options. 

We love discovering new possibilities, so if you are interested in our new colors and textures, do not hesitate to ask us for samples!