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Launching Barcelona Screen Divider by Crea Product Design

Published on 25-05-2017     |     News and releases

We are launching a new product: Barcelona Screen Divider by Crea Product Design.It has been designed especially for: offices, lobby's, restaurants, reception areas, events... 

Whats new with this Screen Divider?

Our material. Using aluminium links in an screen divider is something brand new. The material is very light so it can be easily moved. And the greatest part is the wide range of customizable options to fit in our costumers’ needs.

What can be customized? Almost everything.

  • The chain design can reproduce images, logos and patterns
  • The size: personalized sizes can be developed under customers’ request.
  • The frame and feet colour: most of colours can be used for lacquering both things. It is even possible to combine them!.

Although the best part is customization, we have also develop 3 standard sizes suitable for most uses and 2 elegant colours (black and grey).

Anything else? Yes, some add-ons can be used.

  • Planter: can be attached to the screen divider. Playing with patterns, plants and lacquered colours can offer amazing results.
  • Light: Give extra attention to the chain by enlightening them with our Natsumi system
  • Combinations: we have developed some fixations to combine, 2, 3 or even 4 screen dividers. It is also possible to combine different sizes.

If you are interested you do not hesitate in contact us.