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Smart room, EMATSA building

Offices     |     City: Tarragona, España    |     Designed by: lauraStrada Interiors

Tarragona, as a Mediterranean city, has always had water as its protagonist. Not only for its beaches and coves of golden sand, but also for having one of the best-preserved Roman monuments: The Aqueduct of Ferreres.

Built by Emperor Augustus in the 1st century AD, it carried water from the Francolí River to the center of the city, covering 25 km. Still today, 249 meters of dry-laid ashlars are preserved, forming a double line of arches.

Given its importance, it is not surprising that this monumental architectural structure has been reflected in the skyline that decorates one of the walls of the Smart room of the EMATSA Building in Tarragona, a multi-purpose space designed by Laura Estrada and intended for group conferences and employee meetings.

In fact, everything that surrounds this project, in which transparencies, whites and blues predominate, is related to water: from the inclined pillars in the shape of a reed on the ground floor, through the minimalist and wavy furniture, the bubble-shaped chairs or the curved space dividers of Kriskadecor.

The water, as a symbol of the company, had to be faithfully captured. For this reason, and thanks to our patented technology, we have reproduced its high definition waves on anodized aluminum chains. In fact, if we approach and we make them oscillate slightly, the result will be the same as if we had sunk the hand in the water and moved it delicately with the fingers.

In addition, given the transparency of the links, the natural light that bathes the Smart room is still used to the maximum, a strong point in a cozy space in which it is intended to enhance the concentration and collaboration among employees.

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