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Westquay Watermark

Stores and shopping malls     |     City: Southampton, UK    |     Designed by: MTRDC Michelle Taylor

The Australian designer Michelle Taylor (MTRDC) has developed an amazing space at Southampton’s Westquay loungeroom by stablishing a connection between the coastline that once lapped at the shores of the current situation of the shopping center.

This is how the architect honors the historic city shoreline. This theme is translated into the inside of the Westquay by suspending dramatic wavy veils made with Kriskadecor chains to evoke the feeling of water. These small, anodized aluminum links allow to create ceiling designs that provide color, texture, and movement to any space.

For this installation, kriska type links were used in 4 colors: gold, green, lime and black. To recreate the effect of the natural contours of the pools of rippling water, more than 800 square meters of chains were required. In addition, the rails were curved to create this fluid and harmonious structure.

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