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The façade as a hallmark

Published on 26-09-2022     |     Innovation

The word façade comes from the Italian "facciata" and is defined as the outer face or set of outer faces of a building, which has a very important technical and aesthetic role.

Technically, the façade, together with the roof, acts as the first barrier against inclement weather, insulating and protecting us from the outside. Through its openings, it allows the entry of light and ventilation in those constructions that require it. Furthermore, its design, both in new construction and in refurbishment, can lead to energy savings in the short and medium term.

Aesthetically, the façade is the only part of the building that can be seen from the outside and has the function of communicating a message derived from its design. It therefore deserves special attention in every detail. A façade that is well proportioned in terms of colors and materials, which facilitates the connection between the interior and the exterior, will generate an initial attraction for pedestrians, inviting them to enter.

The importance of first impressions

From a small house clad in classic tiles, to big brands such as Apple or Louis Vuitton use their façades as an architectural expression to give us a glimpse of the first elements that we will later find inside the premises. In interior design, the entrance hall of a home concentrates many clues as to what we will find next. The effect of this first impression would be even more positive if the façade included a design that leaves the user hungry for more.

For example, in a commercial space, the façade can be a powerful sales tool. The objective at the time of projection can be to differentiate you from your competition, making the customer associate a product or brand with the image of the establishment, being a tactical invitation to enter and encourage the purchase. In addition, a good lighting design will continue to attract all eyes, even in a night-time environment.

Making a façade an element that not only communicates, but also reflects an identity with personality and style is the aim of those who work for a deeper and more committed architecture, turning that outer skin into their letter of introduction.  

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Maria Vendrell, Cladding Technical Manager